Open Merchant Account Ltd

has rebranded to Infinite Loop Development Ltd

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What makes us special?

Most developers will charge you twice the quoted price to develop both an iOS and Android app.
We develop one app, then port it to multiple platforms at no extra cost.

Apple iOS

By far the most profitable app store, ideal for paid apps, and carries the street-cred that just cries, "You'll love this"
You can check out some of the apps we've published under our own brand here; On Itunes.

Google Android

The most widely used app store, ideal for free apps, and has the largest audience. We develop android apps solely for third parties, and we'll list some links here soon.

BlackBerry 10

We are a BlackBerry silver enterprise partner, and developed a huge range of apps for BlackBerry, both for the BlackBerry 10 (QNX) OS, and the older BBOS platform.
You can check out our BlackBerry apps here: at BlackBerry AppWorld. We also operate an Android to BlackBerry porting service here.

Windows Phone

In 2013 we were the most prolific app developer for Windows Phone, and we developed hundreds of apps for Windows 7, 8, and 8.1, we also develop for Windows Desktop, and we've won Microsoft's Apptivate in 2014, an international cross platform app development competition. You can check out our Windows Phone apps here

Kindle / NOOK

Amazon Kindle Fire and Barnes & Noble Nook are two specialised ranges of Android devices, and we also publish to these app stores to increase the range of customers for our Android apps, you can check them out here; Nook and Kindle

Back-end programming

Yes we do that too.

Every app has a back-end, which is a server or database that it connects to, to share information between your company and your users, or between users themselves. We develop semi-exclusively on the .NET platform, but guess what - I've written a book on that


Who are we anyway?

An Irish app development company, trading since 2004

We've been developing apps since Nokia Symbian / Palm WebOS, and we're keeping an eye on the next big thing - we're actively developing for Tizen and Firefox Mobile too.

Email us at to get in touch.